Annual Meeting - Opportunities & Perspectives for 2015

Date: Monday, May 11, 2015
Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: Hope Club - 6 Benevolent Street, Providence
Speaker: J. Kelly La Vigne, JD

TOPIC: Opportunities and Perspectives for 2015 

 Annuities and Trusts
- the value of tax deferral inside a trust
- rules allowing for an annuity to be passed in kind to a trust beneficiary which extends tax deferral after the dissolution of the trust.
- case study showing the extension of tax deferral through 3 generations.

Qualified Plan Changes
- separating pretax and after tax monies in a qualified plan creating an exceptional opportunity for ROTH IRA's
- ROTH IRA's and Trust Planning
- case study of a ROTH IRA with a Special Needs Trust


L. Kelly LaVigne, JD
Director, Transamerica Advanced Markets

Kelly joined Transamerica’s Advanced Markets team with over 20 years experience in the financial services industry. Most recently he was Vice President of AXA Advanced Markets where he formed and headed a team of attorneys and financial services professionals who consulted on a broad range of topics including wealth and legacy planning, IRA and qualified plan strategies, and retirement income planning focusing on how annuities can help in these scenarios. During his tenure at AXA Kelly and his team wrote and published a book for financial professionals that examined the requisite skills and expertise necessary for financial advisors to attract and maintain clients who are planning for retirement. Under his leadership, the team became proficient in many of the subjects beyond annuity applications such as Social Security, Medicare, and long term care. Preceding AXA, Kelly led both the Advanced Markets and Continuing Education departments at ING Americas.

This meeting is sponsored by Transamerica Capital, Inc.

Transamerica is a leading provider of Annuities, Life Insurance and Mutual Funds to the Financial Planning Community and is proud to support the Estate Planning Council of Rhode Island.  Please join Transamerica Advanced Markets Director L. Kelly LaVigne, JD and the local Transamerica representatives David Burr and Marshall Doerrt at our May 11th dinner where Kelly will discuss important topics related to Trusts, Estate Planning and Qualified Plans.  Recent changes have created exciting opportunities for our clients specifically enhancing the roll of an annuity in a client's financial plan.

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