Past Events

September 11, 2023 EPCRI: Fall Networking Meeting
May 8, 2023 EPCRI: May Annual Meeting
David Richman
April 19, 2023 Helpful Takeaways from Recent Court Decisions Regarding the Drafting and Administration of Trusts
Robert M. Duffy, Esq. and Stacey P. Nakasian, Esq.
February 6, 2023 February Networking with EPCRI
January 18, 2023 EPCRI Lunchtime Learning: Hot Topics and Planning Ideas from Heckerling 2023
Michael T. Lahti, Esq.
November 30, 2022 EPCRI November Lunchtime Learning: "Year-End Tax Planning: There's One Month Left"
Patricia A. Thompson, CPA, MST, PFS
November 7, 2022 EPCRI Dinner Meeting: Converting Passion Assets into Charitable Impact
Colleen Boyle, The Fine Arts Group
September 12, 2022 EPCRI: Fall Networking Meeting
May 16, 2022 EPCRI: May Annual Meeting
Stephen Salloway, MD, MS
April 18, 2022 EPCRI Lunchtime Learning: Hot Topics and Planning Ideas from Heckerling 2022
Michael T. Lahti, Esq.
February 28, 2022 EPCRI: Can a Trustee “Do Well While Doing Good”? The Law and Economics of ESG Investing
Robert H. Sitkoff
January 25, 2022 EPCRI January Lunchtime Learning: Your HNW Clients Want to Talk with You about Charitable Giving: Are You Prepared?
Carol Golden
December 8, 2021 EPCRI December Lunchtime Learning "Year-End Tax Planning - There's Still Time"
Patricia A. Thompson, CPA, MST, PFS
November 15, 2021 EPCRI: Can a CRT Stretch an Inherited IRA?
Christopher Hoyt
October 4, 2021 EPCRI: Fall Networking Meeting
May 24, 2021 EPCRI May Meeting: The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor
Cam Marston
April 20, 2021 EPCRI April Lunchtime Learning: Elder Abuse – Protecting Our Clients
Molly Kapstein Cote & Mickaela Driscoll
February 8, 2021 EPCRI: February Lunchtime Meeting
Jessica Donahue and Davide Estanislau
November 16, 2020 EPCRI: November Virtual Meeting
Gerry W. Beyer, Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law, Texas Tech University School of Law
October 29, 2020 EPCRI: October Lunchtime Learning
Gregory A. Porcaro, CPA
September 14, 2020 EPCRI: September Virtual Meeting
Natalie Choate, J.D.
March 10, 2020 EPCRI: March Lunchtime Learning
Michael T. Lahti
February 3, 2020 EPCRI: February Dinner Meeting
Peter R. Phillips, CFA, CAIA
November 4, 2019 EPCRI: November Dinner Meeting
Harry S. Margolis
September 23, 2019 EPCRI: Fall Networking Event
May 6, 2019 EPCRI: May Annual Meeting
Jeffrey R. Clark, LUTCF, ACS, FLMI, CFS
April 9, 2019 EPCRI: April Lunchtime Learning
Peter A. Hainley of Walsh, Brule & Nault
February 26, 2019 EPCRI: February Lunchtime Learning
Kathleen Ryan, Esq. & Kimberly McCarthy, Esq.
February 4, 2019 EPCRI: February Dinner Meeting
November 20, 2018 EPCRI: November Lunchtime Program
David D. Curtin, JD
November 5, 2018 EPCRI: November Dinner Meeting
Jamie L. Mendelsohn
September 17, 2018 EPCRI Fall Networking Meeting
May 15, 2018 EPCRI May Brown Bag
Josh Caswell
May 7, 2018 EPCRI Annual Meeting
February 5, 2018 EPCRI February Dinner Meeting
Steven Ursillo
December 5, 2017 EPCRI December Lunch & Learn
Josh Caswell
November 6, 2017 EPCRI November Dinner Meeting
John M. Harpootian, Esq.
September 26, 2017 EPCRI September Lunch & Learn
Ben Singer
September 11, 2017 EPCRI Fall Networking Event
May 1, 2017 EPCRI Annual Meeting
Sandy Coletta
February 6, 2017 EPCRI February Dinner meeting
Kent W. Gladding, CPA & Peter R. Phillips, CFA
November 16, 2016 EPCRI November Lunch & Learn
Kate Kishfy, Esq & Bridget Mullaney
November 7, 2016 EPCRI November Dinner Meeting
Neil S. Steinberg
September 12, 2016 EPCRI Fall Networking Meeting
May 2, 2016 EPCRI Annual Meeting
Kurt Czarnowski
February 1, 2016 Global Market Update
Bill Flannery, American Funds
December 8, 2015 Buy Sell Planning for QPSC, S Corp, and LLC Professional Practices
Russell E. Towers, JD, CLU, ChFC
November 30, 2015 Understanding the Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and Opportunities for Prevention
Stephen Salloway, MD MS
October 5, 2015 EPCRI Fall Networking Event
May 11, 2015 Annual Meeting - Opportunities & Perspectives for 2015
J. Kelly La Vigne, JD
February 23, 2015 RESCHEDULED - Decision Making With Your Elder: Walking that Thin Line
Betsy Sherry and Kristin N. Matsko, Esq.
November 17, 2014 Reducing the Cost of College - Estate and Financial Planning Considerations
Gregg Cohen, President of Campus Bound
September 15, 2014 Networking Meeting
May 5, 2014 Annual Meeting
Linda Riordan, RI Chief Revenue Agent, Estate Tax
February 10, 2014 Using the Inherited IRA to Enhance the Security of Children and Grandchildren
Russell E. Towers, JD CLU ChFC
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